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How to apply to register

It's quick and easy to register with us using your MySSSC account.

First you need to set up your MySSSC account. You can do this on your smartphone, PC or tablet.

To set up your account you need:

  • a secure, personal email address
  • your National Insurance number.

After you have set up your account we will send you an email to validate your account. Click on the link in the email, you can then log in to begin your application.

Create your MySSSC account.

Completing your application

Make sure you have the following details ready before you start to make the process quick and easy:

  • your personal email address where we can contact you about your application
  • your National Insurance number
  • the Register part(s) you are applying for
  • the care service number or postcode of where you work
  • the name of the organisation you work for if you are a supply worker
  • any relevant qualifications as well as the award certificates (you will also need to send a copy of these to us)
  • any criminal offences. You only need to tell us about any relevant criminal convictions not all criminal convictions. Please see our Criminal Conviction Guidance to see what you should tell us
  • any disciplinary matters
  • any health matters you need to tell us about (see our guidance document).

Please answer all the application questions.

A Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme membership is required for registration.

Getting your application countersigned

When you’ve completed the application form you need to get it countersigned by an authorised countersignatory. You can find a list of the people in your organisation on your MySSSC account.

Paying your fee

Once your application is countersigned, we’ll email you to pay the application fee and submit your application. You do this using your MySSSC account. If you don’t pay the fee, we won’t be able to process your application.

Fees depend on your role and the part of the Register you are on. There is an application fee and an annual fee.

Find out more information about fees.

After submitting your application

We will email you to confirm we’ve received your application.

It can take up to three months to approve an application. We will contact you if you have missed out any information and it may take us longer to approve your application.

If we need more information

We’ll contact you if we need more information to process your application. We usually allow three weeks for you to return the information and we’ll give you the deadline date when we get in touch.

If we get the right information in time, we’ll continue to process your application.

If we don’t, we’ll need to reject your application and will email to let you know. If this happens you need to start a new application on MySSSC and pay another application fee.

*Although we have general timescales, this may differ depending on the type of information we need and who we need it from. We will not reject applications in less than three weeks.

Applying if you’ve been removed from our Register

If you’ve been removed from our Register following a fitness to practise investigation you must complete a Restoration Application Form rather than using MySSSC. Please email to request a Restoration Application Form. Please read our Restoration Factsheet and Restoration Application Guidance for more information.

Who should apply to register

Registration is compulsory for many social service roles so visit our ‘Help with Register parts, fees and qualifications tool' for more information.

Access the tool here

Search the Register

Check the registration status of a social worker or social service worker employed in Scotland.

Search the Register


Our MySSSC FAQs page answers some common questions about MySSSC accounts.

Visit the MySSSC FAQs page

Continuous professional learning (CPL)

Continuous professional learning (CPL) is the learning we do for work which helps us develop our knowledge, skills and professional behaviour so we can deliver our best practice.

SSSC Codes of Practice

The Codes of Practice set out the standards of practice and behaviour expected of social service workers and their employers.

Have you changed jobs recently?

If you've changed your job or role then you may need to apply to be on a different part of the Register.

Check your existing registration and create a new or additional application online now in MySSSC.