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Temporary Orders

Temporary Orders suspend a workers registration and/or impose conditions on their registration until the allegations against them are investigated.

Fitness to Practise investigations and decisions are not about punishing workers. Our role is to protect people who use services and maintain public confidence in the workforce. If we impose a Temporary Order this is because we have received information which, on the face of it, suggests a worker’s conduct, professional practice or health may present a risk of harm to people who use services or the public, or we feel that temporary action is necessary to uphold public confidence in the profession or it is in the worker’s interests. In these cases a Temporary Order restricting the worker’s practice may be required while we carry out our investigation. The imposition of a Temporary Order is not an indication that the conduct took place but a protective measure whilst the investigation is undertaken. Our legal duties and responsibilities differ from the employer so our view of risk and the action we may take is different.

Information we publish on our website

You can find out more about what we publish and why in our Public Information Policy. The policy gives details of what information we include, what we will remove if necessary and how long information is available on the website. We make this information publicly available to meet our responsibilities as set out in the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 in relation to protecting the public and maintaining and upholding standards in the profession.


Type Registration number Name Register Part(s) Period Effective from