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SSSC Involving People

Our Involving People Plan 2019/20 recognises the important contribution that people with lived experience of social services and caring make to our work.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of the plan.

We have called this plan, Learning from lived experience: People, partnerships and planning for involvement based on feedback from those involved in developing it and in recognition of the many ways that people with lived experience of social services (people who use or have used social services and people who are carers) in Scotland can contribute to our work.

This may be directly through our staff or through our work with organisations and communities. People with lived experience are involved in our work in different ways.

We recognise the need to plan and coordinate involvement so we can measure the impact it has and the difference it makes to everyone involved. We want to make sure that involving people with lived experience of social services in our work is meaningful and of benefit to them, the people who work with us and to the organisation.

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This image shows the four Directorates of the SSSC: Regulation and Registration, Finance and HR, Strategy and Performance and Development and Innovation. It also includes a further three areas relating to people with lived experience of social services and caring driving improvement. They are: Communities, Health and Social Care Workers and Organisations across sectors including education providers

Involving people

‘Improving together – we want this plan to encourage people to share their stories for the benefit of all so that services can be improved.’

Person involved in developing this plan

Our Involving People Plan is underpinned by an ‘improving together’ vision: SSSC with people with lived experience at the centre driving improvement.

Download our Involving People Plan


Improving together

This is a new plan and approach for the SSSC. We will evaluate the processes we use and the progress towards our outcomes, including people with lived experience of social services and caring as we do this, to establish and learn together from what works well and what doesn’t.

Our Involving People Plan is about working together for ongoing improvement. Tailoring our approach to the purpose and people involved, we will involve people in designing and planning for meaningful involvement, agreeing how best to capture and measure the difference involvement makes, implementing actions, analysing results, sharing learning and planning for further action.

Download our Involving People Plan


This image shows four sections with a centre section which is titled People at the Heart. The four sections are: Planning for improvement that makes a difference, Implement and capture feedback, What was learned and Act on results


How you can get involved in our work

Sharing learning and ideas. We welcome your ideas on how best to share the plan.

This is a live plan and we are keen to keep the involvement conversation going, to share ideas, learning and approaches to involving people and getting involved.

Visit our SSSC events page to keep up to date and for more opportunities to get involved in our work.

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Communities, connections and networks

Our Involving People Plan is designed to help us reach and involve people.

Download our Involving People Plan



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