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Involving People at the SSSC

It is critical that we involve people in the design and delivery of our work.

Our Involving People Engagement Strategy and Framework for 2023-2026 sets out how we involve, listen to and act on the views of stakeholders, and make sure the views of people who have a particular interest can influence our work and the design of our services.

The Strategy and Framework also has our eight-step process to involving people in our work.

Download the Strategy and Framework

Our aims are to:

  • deliver regulation that is informed by stakeholders
  • promote a positive culture within the SSSC that focuses on involvement and co-design and that follows the principles of the Scottish Approach to Service Design
  • improve and develop evidence-based decision making by bringing together the stakeholder voice into the organisation through their involvement and gathering and analysing information and intelligence
  • create an environment and culture of co-production, improvement and innovation across the organisation.

SSSC Equalities

Find out more about the duties we have under the Equality Act 2010.

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Careers in social services

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Who is the SSSC and what do we do?

This video explains who the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) is and what we do.

Did you know there are around 200,000 people working in social services across Scotland? This means that one in every 13 people employed in Scotland currently work in social services.

Most people working in social services in Scotland will be registered with the SSSC. Some won't be registered yet but will over the next few years.

If you require text transcripts of any of our videos, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Find out more about registering with the SSSC including what qualifications you need and how much it costs.

Supporting the workforce

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Fitness to practise

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