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Personal outcomes

We are supporting the workforce to develop their capacity to embed personal outcomes approaches in their day-to-day practice and deliver better outcomes for people using services.

We’ve developed a range of free resources to improve workers’ understanding of a personal outcomes approach and share examples of practice on the Personal Outcomes Network website.

We have co-designed the resources with a wide range of partners including carers.

Our ebook focuses on personal outcomes and enabling conversations to meet the requirements of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 for carer support planning, building connections with self-directed support and anticipatory care planning. It recognises that although not all health and social care practitioners are directly involved in carer support planning, most do have regular contact with unpaid carers.

So with the broader workforce in mind, this resource includes examples and resources to encourage consideration of carers by all practitioners to help support and encourage conversations and relationships, community connections and sharing of learning across all practice settings.

We also have a personal outcomes booklet and updated Personal Outcomes Network website.

We can also provide tailored support to build local workforce capacity around personal outcomes in geographical areas across social services and health.

How you can get involved

You can join the Personal Outcomes Network for peer support or to raise practice issues for discussion.

Engage in digital learning, develop own e.Book library/Social bookmarking library

You can develop your understanding of personal outcomes and register for personal outcomes open badges. You can also use the Personal Outcomes Network website.

For more information on the personal outcomes resources and to request copies of the personal outcomes booklet please contact:

We’d like to hear your views on our resources and if they have supported your professional development. Please click here to answer some short questions.

Personal outcomes booklet

Our booklet will help you understand and embed a personal outcomes approach.

Personal outcomes planning ebook

Find out about personal outcomes and why supporting carers matters in our free ebook.

Open Badge

Get recognition for your learning from our personal outcomes ebook.