Endorsement of applications

All applications for registration are endorsed so that we can be assured that the information supplied to us is correct and there aren’t any issues which may affect your suitability to register with us.

Your application must be endorsed by a countersignatory from the organisation you are employed by. There are a few exceptions to this, please click on the following links to see who can endorse your application based on the part of the Register you are applying for:

When completing your application using our online service MySSSC you must pick a countersignatory for your organisation who will endorse your application form electronically. If you are unsure who should endorse your application please speak with your employer.

A Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme membership is mandatory for registration. Part of your endorsement includes confirming a PVG check has been completed. It is the employer’s responsibility to carry out a PVG check however we may carry out a PVG check if you are:

  • a social work student
  • self-employed
  • an unemployed social worker
  • applying for registration and your employer has not run a PVG check
  • the owner of the organisation and there is no one senior to you, or if you are not the owner but there is no one senior who is not a relative or friend.

In these circumstances we will carry out a full £59 PVG check paid by the person applying for registration, except for social work students. We cannot accept PVG details carried out by the Care Inspectorate.

Verifying supporting documents

You may need to provide supporting documents with your application, for example, a copy of a qualification certificate. Do not send original documents to us as the original must be seen by the person endorsing your application, such as a countersignatory who has been approved to verify documents. By uploading and submitting these with your online application we accept that the originals have been seen and the person endorsing your application will confirm this.

Verifying a document means that the original document is taken to a countersignatory who will make a photocopy. The copy is verified by the countersignatory signing and printing their name on this. 

Please see the guidance below for when documents need to be verified.

Documents added to an online application – do not require to be verified:

You can provide your qualification certificates or supporting documents by adding these to your application. To do this, please upload the document at the qualifications or supporting documents sections of your online application form. Documents uploaded this way do not require to be verified by a countersignatory as these will be checked by the countersignatory during the online endorsement of your application.

When documents are not attached to an online application – they must be verified:

If you provide a qualification certificate or supporting document that is not added to an online application then this must be verified by a countersignatory. Once completed and signed, submit the form by emailing it to

For example, if you are providing a qualification certificate to update your current registration then this must be verified. If your employer is to provide this, please see the next point below.

When a countersignatory is providing a qualification certificate or supporting document:

If a countersignatory provides a qualification certificate or supporting document by uploading through their own MySSSC account or by email, this does not require to be verified.

If a countersignatory provides this by post, the document must be verified.

If your line manager* provides a qualification certificate or supporting document by email or post, this must be verified.

Students and all paper applications – supporting documents must be signed by the person who endorses your application.

* If your line manager verifies your documents and is not a countersignatory, we must confirm this person is a suitable verifier with a countersignatory from your organisation which may delay your application.

Please note: ID documents should only be provided if the SSSC is to carry out a PVG check on your behalf. All Social Work student applications must have a PVG check carried out even if you have already had a previous PVG check. 

Document to be provided Application stage During Registration Period Renewal stage
Identification documents Note - Only required if PVG is being carried out by SSSC (include photo ID and proof of address) Line manager or countersignatory* Not required Not required
Qualification certificates Line manager or countersignatory* Countersignatory Countersignatory
Any other change of detail documents (e.g. change of name deed, marriage certificate) Line manager or countersignatory* Countersignatory Countersignatory

*If documents sent or uploaded separately to your personal MySSSC account these documents must be signed and dated by the person who is verifying the documents.