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Attending a hearing 

Are you attending an SSSC hearing?

Changes due to COVID-19

Most of our hearings are taking place online but, where necessary, they are held at our offices in Dundee, with appropriate physical distancing measures.

Members of the public can attend public hearings.

Members of the public, witnesses or workers are not permitted to record any hearings they attend (virtual or physical).

If you wish to observe a hearing, please contact us before the hearing date as follows:

Our hearings are generally held in public so anyone can attend. Sometimes the panel decides it should be in private for example to protect a vulnerable person.

If you've been asked to come to a hearing you can find out more information in this section. See the different categories below.

What to expect at a SSSC hearing

Our video shows you what it's like if you come to a SSSC hearing at our offices in Dundee. You might attend because you are a registered worker and we are holding a hearing about you or because you've been asked to be a witness.

If you require text transcripts of any of our videos, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Are you a registered worker attending a hearing?

If we have asked you to attend an SSSC hearing, find out what you need to do here.

Are you a witness for the SSSC?

If we have asked you to attend a hearing as a witness for the SSSC, find out more information here.

Are you a witness for a worker?

If you've been asked to attend a hearing as a witness for a social service worker who is appearing at a SSSC Fitness to Practise Panel hearing, find out what you need to know here.

Are you a member of the public wishing to attend a hearing?

Please contact David Kydd, Team Leader (Hearings) on 01382 721926 or

Media wishing to attend a Fitness to Practise Panel impairment hearing

Members of the media wishing to attend a hearing should contact Lorraine Wakefield, Communications Manager on 01382 721926 or

Information for each Fitness to Practise Panel impairment hearing is published seven days in advance.

You can find out more about media attending a hearing here. 

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The Rules and our decisions guidance

View the documents that set out how we carry out our regulatory function and provide guidance to decision makers on when to apply the different sanctions available to them.

The Codes of Practice

Revised Codes of Practice came into effect on the 1st of November 2016. The Codes set out the standards of practice and behaviour expected of social services workers and their employers.

What we publish about hearings and decisions – Fitness to Practise Public Information Policy

Read The Public Information Policy to see what information we publish in advance of our hearings, what we don’t and why.