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This section includes information about decisions from both Fitness to Practise Panel hearings and decisions made by SSSC officers.

Changes due to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic we’ll publish decisions to impose a sanction on a worker’s registration. However, we won’t publish the full Notice of Decision which details the reasons for that decision. These can generate negative publicity, which is unhelpful at a time when services are experiencing unprecedented pressure.

We’re continuing to carry out our public protection role and temporarily suspending anyone who presents a risk from our Register. The list of temporarily suspended workers is here.

You can also search our Register which details the registration status of workers to find reassurance that an individual is fit to practise.

When the pandemic is over and things return to normal we will publish the full Notices of Decision for any decision made during this time.

If you have any questions in relation to this please contact

Decisions can be made by SSSC officers or at a Fitness to Practise Panel hearing. All decisions can be viewed below. Decisions that are within the appeal period are shown first followed by the most recent decisions. After a year decisions are removed or moved to the Decisions Archive if the sanction is for more than a year. Please see the Public Information Policy for full details.


Fitness to Practise investigations and decisions are not about punishing workers. Our role is to protect people who use services and maintain public confidence in the workforce. If we impose Temporary Orders or sanctions it is because we have found evidence of impairment and believe that formal action is needed. A worker's fitness to practise can be impaired because of their conduct, professional practice or health. We consider each case individually. Our legal duties and responsibilities differ from the employer so our view of risk and the action we may take is different.


Please note: Some of the charges and decisions may contain language which some may find offensive.

Name Effective from Register parts Decision type Outcome