Registration is changing on 3 June 2024. We want to make sure employers have the information they need about the changes so they can prepare and make any necessary changes to systems, guidance and information about registration.

Overview of the changes

All the changes are explained in our Registration is changing event video with presentations from Cheryl Campbell, Acting Head of Education and Standards and Laura Lamb, Acting Director of Workforce, Education and Standards. The video lasts around 20 minutes and provides a useful overview for you and your staff.

Watch the Registration is changing video here


You can use the PowerPoint slides we used in our information sessions and adapt it for your teams.

Download the Registration is changing presentation here

Registration is changing poster

We’ve created a poster for you to print and pin up in your staff room or service to let staff know about the changes.

Download the full colour Registration is changing poster

Download the grayscale Registration is changing poster

Employer checklist

This checklist will help you think about any changes you need to make.

What’s changing?What does this meanThings you may want to think about
Structure of the RegisterWe will have four Register parts instead of 23. We’ll move existing registrants to their new Register part(s). They don’t need to do anything.
Changes to the application processEmployers will need to provide the Care Inspectorate care service number, service type and level of job role for applicants.
Timescales for applyingFrom 3 June 2024, workers must apply for registration within three months of starting their role and be registered within six months.
Pausing applications from 5pm, 10 April 2024MySSSC will not save any partial applications that are not submitted by the deadline. We will accept applications again from 3 June.
Continuous registrationEvery registrant must complete an annual declaration to confirm their personal and employment details, provide any updates, pay their annual fee and confirm they’ve completed CPL. This replaces the previous five yearly registration renewal.
  • Make sure workers and managers know they must complete the annual declaration using their MySSSC account.
  • Make sure the right people in your organisation have countersignatory or employer access to MySSSC so that you can check annual declarations are completed. Read our Countersignatory Guidance.
From 1 May 2024 we’ll only accept employment changes in Fitness to Practise casesYou won’t be able to make an employment change using MySSSC from 1 May to 3 June.
  • Email any employment changes relating to fitness to practise referrals or cases to

Codes of Practice

We’ll publish the new Codes of Practice on 1 May 2024. They come into effect immediately.

The Codes will be available online in several formats, including ereader, on the Codes of Practice page. We’ll also have downloadable posters and postcards.

The Codes and fitness to practise

The first Codes of Practice were published in 2003 and we reviewed and updated the Codes in 2016. The 2024 Codes is the third version.

In our fitness to practise work we use the Codes which were in effect when the alleged behaviour took place. For example, when considering allegations which took place before 1 May 2024, the 2016 Codes apply. In some cases, both sets of Codes might apply if some allegations took place before and some after, 1 May 2024.