Name of project or process


Digital Transformation24.07.2018
Transfer of Data to National Fraud Initiative (NFI)04.10.2018
Step into Learning 2019-2021.01.2019
Storage and Archiving Service24.01.2019
Open Badges Procurement 202001.04.2019
Telephony Provisioning11.10.2019
D365 and MatterSphere support and maintenance23.06.2020
Digital Development – Project 4 – Development of Mattersphere Portal30.07.2020
Framework for the Provision of Service of Documents and Tracing Agents  (2021/Aug/003/SSSC) 02.09.2020
Transfer of Data to National Fraud Initiative (NFI)09.09.2020
Reward Review21.11.2020
Collection of Equalities Info iro FtP Panel members02.12.2020
Integration Emails and Introduction Webchat22.12.2020
DHL Courier Service19.02.2021
Internal Communications – Weekly Briefing etc (Spotler + AEG)22.03.2021
Stakeholder Recording on D36524.08.2021
Telephone Support Line23.11.2021
Introduction to a Career in Social Care18.03.2022
Learning Nexus - Learning Management System30.03.2022
DPIA re Fitness to Practise Panel Members07.04.2022
SSSC Newsletters24.01.2023
Web Forms24.01.2023
FPP Register Project24.01.2023
Equality Data24.01.2023
Carers Data09.02.2023
Returning to Work06.03.2023
Digital Capabilities09.05.2023
Automated Decision Making28.11.2023
MyView Sickness Reporting15.01.2024
Equality Data22.01.2024



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