This section provides information for third party representatives who want to raise a concern about a social service worker.

What concerns can we look at?

A social service worker is fit to practise if they meet the standards of character, conduct and competence to do their job safely and effectively.

Where a worker’s behaviour or actions fall below the standards we expect, we can investigate and take action.

We can investigate concerns about a worker’s:

  • conduct
  • professional practice
  • health.

When should you make a referral?

You must make a referral when you become aware of alleged fitness to practise concern/s or assesses that a required referral will not be made by the provider/employer for any reason or assess that misconduct is serious enough to merit a referral.

Regulatory action may be required if the concern relates to:

  • misconduct
  • deficient professional practice
  • health
  • behaviour that is fundamentally incompatible with registration, such as serious criminal acts or bringing the profession into disrepute.

For more information about our thresholds see the Thresholds Policy.

Click here for the third party referral form

Employer advice line

If you would like to speak to someone about a referral, our employer advice line provides specialist support and advice to employers and higher education institutions (HEIs) about our fitness to practise processes.

Email us at or phone 0345 60 30 891, select the option for employer advice line.