If you have gained a qualification that meets the requirement for your qualification condition, for us to update your record, we require you to provide evidence of your new qualification. 

At this point, we would usually ask you to provide a verified copy of your qualification certificate from your employer. However, we understand the pandemic may mean you might not be able to get qualification certificates verified.

We are now temporarily accepting an unverified photograph of your original certificate as evidence due to the pandemic.

Find out more about how to provide us with evidence of your qualification through MySSSC in the six steps below.

1. Login to MySSSC

2. Click on the ‘My registration conditions’ tile

An image showing the my registration conditions panel. The texts says 'my registration conditions: view and update my registration conditions'

3. To access your condition, click the pink arrow & select 'update'
An image showing the access your conditions panel. The panel has five column headings: 'Condition Start Date' 'Condition End Date' 'Condition Type' 'Register Part' 'Details'

4. Answer ‘yes’ to the question ‘Have you gained a qualification to meet the condition on your registration?

An image showing the question 'Have you gained a qualification to meet the condition on your registration?'

5. Click the ‘add document’ button and attach a photograph of your qualification certificate.  Then click the ‘save’ button to send to the SSSC.

An image showing the process to upload a document. It contains the text 'If you don not have a copy of your certificate you should obtain one form the awarding body, for example, SQA. Please upload a photgraph of your qualification certificate using the Add Document button below. You should only upload a photo of the qualification relevant to your registration. For more infomormation about accepted qualifications please click here.' The panel also contains buttons which say 'Add document' and 'Save'.

6. If the qualification supplied meets the condition on your registration, you will receive an email to confirm this and your Registration status will be updated.