These characteristics describe how we will work to deliver our outcomes in our Strategic Plan.

Always focused on needs of our customers

Everyone at the SSSC is committed to work to meet the expectations of our customers. Our staff are encouraged to use their knowledge and expertise to ‘do the right thing’. We value feedback and learn from it and we are honest and open when things don’t go well.

Produce evidence and intelligence that helps us, and others, make the right decisions

We invest in systems and ways of working that allow us to fully understand and use the information we hold. We know our frontline staff understand the issues facing our customers, and that our managers listen to the views of their staff and act. We provide quality information and evidence that will enable people to use it in their decision making.

Work to improve every area of our organisation

Feedback from our customers tells us that overall, they receive an excellent service from our staff. The focus of improvement is on how we ensure our staff continue to deliver a good service. Our quality of service is driven by providing excellence in all that we do. Our digital strategy drives increased capability in our own workforce and the workforce of the sector.

We are a respected and valued organisation

Our reputation as a champion of public protection is important to us and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are. Our stakeholders clearly understand the positive difference the SSSC makes to people who use services, the people who deliver these services and the people who fund our organisation. In turn we treat everyone with respect, fairness and openness.

People want to work at the SSSC

The SSSC can only achieve its outcomes with dedicated and talented staff. We invest in our staff and effectively manage the talent within the SSSC. We create an organisation in which staff can flourish through interesting and rewarding work. All our staff know the important role they play in protecting some of Scotland’s most vulnerable people. Our staff are our greatest ambassadors for the organisation.

Work with others to deliver our outcomes

By delivering best value, we will use our resources in the most effective way and work in partnership with others. We will not always be the lead partners and our partners will welcome our willingness and openness to work collaboratively.