How long will it last? 
The interview will last approximately one hour. This may be longer if there is a skills assessment.

What form will the interview take? 
A panel interview will review your skills, knowledge and experience as well as competencies and values mapped out in the person specification.

Who are the panel members? 
Usually there are two or three panel members. The recruiting manager, plus one other person from the recruiting department and potentially a third panel member from Human Resources.  

What happens when you arrive at the SSSC? 
You should make your way to reception and tell the receptionist that you are here for interview and they will let the recruiting manager know. You will be invited to sign the fire register on arrival and when you leave. Someone will come to reception to meet you and take you to the room for interview.  

At the moment we are using Teams or Zoom to carry out interviews while we are homeworking due to COVID-19.

What happens if there is a skills assessment? 
You will be given instructions describing the exercise you’re about to perform which may be before or after your interview.  

What happens after the interview/assessment? 
The interview panel review each candidate’s performance against the person specification for the role to reach a consensus on an individual’s overall performance. Preferred candidates are notified usually within a two week period and the reference checking process will begin. We are happy to provide feedback to interviewees on request.