It is important to keep a copy of your application form. Review and be familiar with what you have written.   

Review the advert, job description and person specification for the post.  

Prepare for some questions around it that you are likely to be asked at interview and your responses like what strengths and experience will you bring to the role?  

During an interview, the main questions will be driven by our competencies and values.  Be prepared and have relevant examples or situations you have been in before for several competencies and be able to tell your stories. 

Using the STAR method can help you keep your examples focused:  
  • Situation – set the context of your story 
  • Task – what was required of you 
  • Activity – what you did 
  • Result – how well the situation played out 
There are lots of useful videos and resources available online that give more information on the STAR method.  

Prepare a list of your own questions to ask at the end of your interview. 

If you have to complete a skills assessment or exercise, read through the instructions carefully and highlight what you need to do and the most essential points. Take the time to clarify your thoughts before proceeding with the task.   

During the exercise, tackle the most important and most complex issues first. Make sure you have enough time at the end to review your work and that you haven’t missed anything.   

If you have to do a presentation, prepare your presentation in advance, structure it and have a clear message. We will ask you to send us your presentation in advance, to upload before you arrive to limit any technical issues on the day. However, for your own reassurance, it is good practice to save it on a memory stick and bring a printed copy. 

Rehearse your presentation to manage time and prepare for any follow up questions that the panel might ask. 

It is always a good idea to arrive for your interview earlier than you need to review last minute information, reflect and compose yourself.  

Check you have everything you will need before you leave home. This includes copies of the job description, person specification and your application form, proof of ID, certificates of qualifications, previous disclosure/PVG certificate, presentation back-up and any hand-out materials you need.  

Please note that we are all currently working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time all interviews will be online via Microsoft Teams.