The Notice of Decision is a letter that we legally need to send you before we can register you with a qualification condition, which is why it looks so formal. A qualification condition does not affect your ability to work.

We have sent you it because either:

  • you do not currently have a qualification
  • you have not sent us a verified copy of your qualification certificate
  • the qualification certificate you sent us, does not meet our requirements for registration.

We are required to give you an opportunity to disagree with this decision.

You should disagree if:

  • you have a qualification that you haven’t sent to us
  • you feel our decision not to accept your qualification is inaccurate and have further information to provide.

If you disagree, please contact us within the timescales given in the Notice.

If you agree with our decision to register you with a condition, you don’t need to do anything. We will register you around 14 days from the date on the Notice.

You will be required to gain a relevant qualification for the Register part you are on by the date on the Notice. This is known as a qualification condition.