From your employers area, click the ‘Endorse applications/renewals’ tile.

You will be shown a list of applications that have been submitted to you for endorsement.

Please note – an email will be sent to you to request your endorsement which will give you two weeks to complete the endorsement. If you need more time, you can click the ‘Request extension’ button and give your reasons for the request. You will be given an additional 7 days each time you request an extension up to a maximum of six weeks.

Click the ‘Select’ button against any application to open the endorsement section.

A Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme membership is mandatory for registration. You will be asked to provide PVG details, confirm that the part(s) of the register they have applied for is correct (if not, you should change this), and confirm their employment start dates within your organisation and when they started in their current role.

Click ‘Go to application’ where you can read and check the information provided by the worker for accuracy.

Once you have completed the necessary information you must select one of the following outcomes:

  • Endorsement Given – you are happy to endorse the application.
  • Qualified Endorsement Given – you are happy to endorse but want to declare other relevant information (this should be provided in the ‘Further Information’ box).
  • Partial Endorsement Given – If you are forwarding the endorsement to another countersignatory to make a final decision.
  • Endorsement Refused – If you are not happy to complete the endorsement. This could be for a number of reasons, such as incorrect or missing information provided by the worker that needs to be corrected.
  • Endorsement Rejected – Incorrect Endorser – If the worker has selected you in error and should have picked a different countersignatory to endorse their application.

Once you have selected your outcome, click ‘Submit’ which will email the worker with information on the next steps.

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