How do I find the correct employment details?

Enter your employment status and job title.

1. If you work for a service that is registered with the Care Inspectorate, you need to search in ‘search where I work (my care service)’.

2. If you don’t, you will need to search in ‘search for my organisation/service provider’. Click on the relevant magnifying glass to start your search.

An image showing how to find the correct employment details, highlighting the Organisation/service provider field and the If you work for a particular care service, add it here field

3.Search for your workplace by care service number, care service name or postcode as below.

An image of the Lookup records screen highlighting the search box

Please note: Your workplace may register with the Care Inspectorate to provide more than one type of service, for example, housing support and care at home.

If you work in both services, you must:

  • be registered on both parts of the Register (for example, housing support and care at home)
  • provide us with details for both services (see below).

An image of search results highlighting the registration number

4. Select your first employer.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 to add any additional employment details.

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