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Choosing a part of the Register

We have made choosing the parts of the Register you are applying for even easier. When you are creating your application for registration, if you are not a Social Worker or Student you would choose ‘another type of worker’.

What best describes you?

An image of the list of different worker types; Social worker, Social work student and Another type of worker

You will then get a list of all the different parts of the register you can apply for. You can apply for as many parts as you need to on the one form, for example you can choose both care at home and housing support on the one application.

An image of the list of all the different parts of the register you can apply for

You must only apply for parts of the register where you are already carrying out the role.

If you get the part of the Register wrong, you can change this on your application in the section ‘Register Parts’ up until the point that you send your application to your employer to be endorsed.

An image of the Personal details page where you can change your details

When your employer is considering endorsement of your application they can also change the parts of the Register if it is not correct.

Please note, if you are applying for more than one part of the Register on one application form but you only work for one employer you only need to pick one countersignatory.

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