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We’ve published a suite of new resources to support social service workers.

  • Building collaboration and compassion for integrated working booklet.
  • Facilitation Learning Resource.
  • Fundamentals in Facilitation Open Badge.
  • Five story telling films.

These resources can be used to support people’s shared learning experiences and their continuous professional learning. They were produced by our self-directed support and integration team as part of their work to support major national policy initiatives such as integration of health and social care, self-directed support, Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 and outcomes focused approach.

Building collaboration and compassion for integrated working, is a booklet of stories from our collaboration with teams and organisations across health and social care who have worked with us through several projects including Action Learning Sets and co-design of learning and development resources to support workforce development. In the booklet they describe the difference being involved in this work made for them and their practice. We would like to thank everyone who contributed their stories and experiences from collaborating with us and for the opportunity of sharing and learning together.

This co-produced work has involved applying theory and using frameworks, but at the heart of it are the skills we use to connect and relate. Skills like having empathy, exercising compassion, how we listen, how we question and how we stay attentive to our own and others’ needs in the face of competing demands. These are the skills our work is founded on and the qualities that help everyone to thrive.

Facilitation resource

Our Facilitation Learning Resource allows you to learn more about facilitation and offers frameworks for several strengths-based methods which raise awareness, hope, clarity and action. It covers action learning sets, appreciative inquiry and forum theatre. Feedback from our work using these has been overwhelmingly positive with people reporting increased confidence, better relationships, engagement with change and results from taking action.

It also has a section on how we can use our best resource; which is ourselves. You can gain an Open Badge the Fundamentals of Facilitation by working through this section and evidencing your learning about what facilitation is and how use of self is the most important aspect of successful facilitation.

Find out more about the Fundamentals of Facilitation Open Badge here.

Story telling films

Our story telling films feature stories co-designed through workshops facilitated by members of the self-directed support and integration team working with the Village Storytelling Centre, Glasgow. The scenarios recognise that people often have multiple roles and identities and were co-designed with involvement of people with lived experience of social services, carers and social service workers taking part in the workshops.

Get all the new resources here.