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Four of our popular induction apps are now available as interactive ebooks.

We have updated the resources, now called the Foundations for practice, to make sure they reflect the latest current practice. They are:

Health and safety for social service workers
Maintaining your learning and development
Communication and relationships
Principles of care.
Using interactive ebooks means that we can now update and refresh our resources when we need to, so they will always be up to date with the latest information and current good practice for you.

They are now available from Apple Books and will be available on the SSSC Learning Zone soon.

What devices can I use them on?

You can use them on iPads, Android tablets and computers.

Apple users can download the apps to Apple Books, Mac laptops and iMac computers.
Android users can download the apps to Adobe Digital Editions on Windows PCs.
The ebooks are not suitable for mobile phones.

Recording your learning

We’ve revised how you can record and claim your learning.

Instead of claiming an open badge when completing the app, the new ebooks have a set of open badges attached to individual chapters, making them much more accessible. This makes it easy for you to dip in and out of books as you like. If you complete the whole set, you will gain the milestone badge for the book.

For more information, download the books and visit the Foundations for practice category on the SSSC Open Badge website.