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The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and the Aberdeen Law Project (ALP) are pleased to announce that from February 2019 registered workers whose fitness to practise is under investigation with the SSSC can now seek free legal advice and representation from ALP.

This initiative will provide workers with a new source of representation and will make the fitness to practise process more accessible.

SSSC Head of Fitness to Practise, Martin Campbell, said: ‘The aims of ALP are closely aligned to our interest in improving the accessibility of the fitness to practise process. We have delivered training to ALP covering the legal framework the SSSC operates in and our processes. We look forward to ALP helping workers through the fitness to practise process.’

ALP Deputy Student Director, Martyna Proczek, said: ‘Our initiative with the SSSC will increase access to justice and we are excited to begin operating in this space. Improving access to justice is key to our mission and we look forward to being able to assist SSSC registered workers across Scotland.’

SSSC Chief Executive, Lorraine Gray, welcomed the move saying: ‘We understand that having your fitness to practise investigated can be a stressful and difficult time for registered workers and that’s why making sure our fitness to practise process is proportionate and accessible is one of our strategic priorities. This new initiative will help towards that.’

About ALP

The Aberdeen Law Project is a pro bono law clinic founded, led and operated by law students at the University of Aberdeen. ALP has two primary aims. First, to bridge the justice gap by offering free legal advice and representation. Second, to reduce the likelihood of legal issues arising in the first place through our programme of community outreach initiatives that educate individuals and third sector organisations on the law.

Support for representatives

The SSSC are always willing to deliver training on our processes to those who act, or may act, for SSSC registered workers. If you would like more details,