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Working in social services is a job like no other. There are many opportunities to develop long term, worthwhile and enjoyable careers. The work can be complex and challenging at times. However with the right support and passion for what you do you will find that having a job which makes a positive difference to others can be incredibly fulfilling both personally and professionally.

It’s important that people considering working in social services are realistic about what the jobs are really like and what the responsibilities are. This includes working to the SSSC Code of Practice and making a commitment to career long learning. These commitments help to make sure that people have access to the best support possible.

In line with this, employers also need good quality recruitment approaches to make sure that only the right people work with people who use social services across Scotland.

Whether you are someone considering a career in social services or an employer looking to recruit the right people we hope these suggested career resources will help you. Don’t forget we have many more free resources on our Learning Zone to help you gain confidence in a range of practice areas.

1.  A Career in Social Services – careers booklet

Our careers booklet gives you practical information on starting a career in social work, social care and children and young people settings. It also tells you how you can gain experience by volunteering.

Read A Career in Social Services here.

2.  Care in Scotland - it's life changing work!

Inspirational case studies give you a clear picture of what working in social services is like.

Read the case studies here.

3.  Childcare career pathways

Childhood experiences last a lifetime. Find out how you can make a positive difference while developing a diverse, enjoyable career in day care of children services.

Explore our childcare careers website here.

4.  Social service career pathways

There are many opportunities to work across social services. You could work with children, young people and adults.

Learn about the qualification pathways on our careers website.

5.  Right values, right people

Many social service employers find recruiting and retaining workers with strong social care values a challenge.

Find useful resources for employers and workers in our valued based recruitment tool here.

6.  Communication skills for caring

Communication skills are important in social service careers and this website points you to some online, local and national resources. Many of the resources shown can help you improve your English language skills.

Find our communication skills resources here.

7.  SSSC News

Our news website can help you keep up to date with new developments and we have a category devoted to careers.

Visit SSSC News here.

8.  Open Badges

Would you like a way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to employers and people you support? Would you like to keep a digital record of your learning? Sign up for Open Badges!

Find out more and sign up for Open Badges here.

9.  A Question of Care

This resource was made in partnership with other social care sector skills councils in the UK. Try the interactive video challenges to find out if you have the right values for working in social services. If you are an employer you can use this tool in interviews to help you recruit the right people.

Visit A Question of Care here.

10.  The common core of skills, knowledge and values

The Common Core outlines key attributes that everyone working with Scotland’s people should have. It provides an opportunity for shared understanding and practice across different services to meet individuals’ needs and improve outcomes.

This website links the Common Core to National Occupational Standards, which form the basis of qualifications and training programmes in social services.

Visit Linking the Common Core skills to the National Occupational Standards here.