If you gained your qualification in England, Northern Ireland or Wales you should read the following statement from Skills for Care and Development (SfCD) which outlines the need for workers and employers to check qualification requirements for where they want to work.

Transferability of qualifications across the four national partners: Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England

Each Skills for Care and Development (SfCD) partner has different responsibilities around the development of social care qualifications for adults’, children’s and early years’ services.

Each partner works in the context of different policy and legislation. This means there are different approaches to the provision of services to people, including regulation and registration of services and the people who work in them. You should check which qualifications may be required and/or how you can use your qualification in each of the four countries.

If you want to take up employment in a different country than the one where you studied for your qualification we strongly recommend you contact the partner organisation in the country where you want to work to confirm requirements. Links to the national partners are below.

We strongly advise employers who are considering employing someone with qualifications achieved in another UK country to contact the partner organisation in your own country to check the minimum qualification requirement. You can of course demand a higher level over and above this.

Contacts for partner organisations

Scotland – SSSC Enquiries Tel: 0345 60 30 891 Contact the SSSC using the web form on this page
England - Skills for Care Information Team Tel: 0113 241 1275 Email:
Northern Ireland - NISCC Customer Service Team: Telephone 028 9536 2600 Email:
Wales - Qualifications team Tel: 0300 30 33 444 Email: I&