Please read the following points very carefully before submitting a non-UK qualification.

This information is for you if you hold a non-UK qualification and you are registered or wish to register on the following register parts:

  • residential child care services
  • day care of children services
  • school care accommodation services
  • care home services for adults
  • adult day care services
  • care at home services
  • housing support services.

1. We can only consider your non-UK qualification for registration purposes if you have European Economic Area (EEA) mutual recognition rights.

2. Having a non-UK qualification assessed is often time consuming and costly and it does not lead to the award of a qualification. Most of the qualifications we assess do not fully meet the qualification requirement because they are different to the standards we must assess against. Gaining the Scottish benchmark qualification is usually a better way forward.

Gaining the Scottish benchmark qualification:

  • is a good way to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding of care practice in the Scottish context
  • makes sure your knowledge, skills and values are up to date
  • gives you a qualification recognised by employers
  • can help if you change job and need to register for a different role
  • can be done while you carry out your day-to-day work
  • is often a quicker and cheaper way to meet qualification requirement.

3. We can only assess qualifications specific to the social service professions that we regulate. We cannot assess teaching or nursing qualifications for example.

Read the full guidance for social service workers with non-UK qualifications.

Please note: We will be reviewing our policy following the end of the transition period for the UK’s exit from the European Union on 1 January 2021.