Who can register?

Social workers, social work students and most job roles in the social service sector must register with the SSSC. If you want to work in social services you should check if you need to register. You need to be working in a social service role when you apply for registration, unless you are a social worker or student.

If you are already registered with another regulatory body, for example the Nursing and Midwifery Council, you do not need to register with us.

When do I need to register?

You need to achieve registration within six months of starting a new role.

Find out more about registration in our Frequently Asked Questions about SSSC Registration.

What happens if I don’t register in time?

If you are not registered in time, your employer may be committing an offence if they employ you in the role.

You may lose pay while you are not able to work, and you may be subject to further action by your employer. Your employer also has the right to refer you to our Fitness to Practise Department. If you are a social work student, you will not be able to continue your course if you are not registered.

You can see when workers need to register and when it is compulsory by visiting the Help with Register parts, fees and qualifications page.

Student social workers

You must register with the SSSC and should apply for registration when offered a place on a social work course.

If you are a registered social work student and also working in a service where you are required to register with us; your registration as a student will not cover your job. You also need to apply for registration on the relevant part of the Register.

Social workers

Social workers must register under each of the functions they carry out. For example, if you work as a manager of a care home service for adults and a social worker you should register on both parts of the Register.