This section provides information about what employers should refer to us about a registered worker and when. To make a referral please use the Employer Referral Form.

What matters do we consider?

The matters that we consider are:

  • misconduct
  • deficient professional practice
  • health
  • a decision by another regulator
  • a conviction.

What do you need to tell us?

  • When you suspend, dismiss or demote a social service worker.
  • When an employee resigns during a disciplinary investigation and you would have considered dismissal.
  • Anything you would refer to Disclosure Scotland.
  • When a worker is charged or convicted of a criminal offence.
  • Any other circumstances where you are concerned the behaviour or actions of a worker raises a serious concern about their fitness to practise.

What to refer about a worker who is not registered with us?

Employers must make a referral to us when a worker is not registered with us if they:

  • are dismissed
  • resign or abandon their post, and if they had they not done so, you would have considered dismissal.

You should only notify us about a non-registered worker when your own disciplinary process concludes.

For more information about our thresholds and referral guidance see:

Matters you should not refer to us

You should not refer employer investigations and disciplinary matters about the conduct, professional practice or health of workers that result in less serious outcomes, for example, a warning or a performance management plan, unless the conduct, professional practice or health concerns meet our thresholds.

If you believe the concerns on which you took action do not meet our thresholds, but you have taken any of the actions listed on page six of our guidance document, please update the worker’s record on MySSSC. You can do this by selecting the worker, then View and Amend details in the registrant’s section (change of details). When doing this, please also provide a short but detailed summary of why you think the behaviour does not meet our thresholds. If you are unsure whether you should refer a worker, please check with us.

Employer advice line

If you would like to speak to someone about a referral, our employer advice line provides specialist support and advice to employers and higher education institutions (HEIs) about our fitness to practise processes.

Email us at or phone 0345 60 30 891, select the option for employer advice line.