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Future proofing programme

Our future proofing programme is a major piece of work covering three interconnected projects.

The projects under review are:

  • our Register
  • qualifications and skills
  • the SSSC Codes of Practice.

Our vision for the programme is that being registered with the SSSC is simple, easy to understand and that people know about the benefits and value of being registered and the standards, skills and qualifications needed to deliver high quality care. 

The programme started in December 2021 and is expected to conclude in 2023.

A Register, qualifications and skills for the future

We consulted on our proposed changes to the Register and qualifications at the start of 2022 and received more than 6,500 responses.

While respondents agreed with most of the proposals, there were two key areas with less support. You can read more about the Register for the future consultation response here.

You can read the full details of our proposals on the Register for the future consultation page.

Codes of Practice

We are working with the social work, social care and early years sector to review the Codes of Practice for workers and employers to make sure they are fit for the future.

Over the next few months, we’ll be engaging with the sector to listen to your views and hear how you think the Codes should change as part of our review.

We’d like you to hold a Codes Conversation within your team or workplace to consider:

  • what you like about the Codes
  • how the Codes could better support practice
  • how the Codes could work better alongside the Health and Social Care Standards.

Get involved

Find out more about our Codes Conversation, how you can get involved and share your views in our news article The Codes of Practice are changing, join the conversation. You have until 31 October 2022 to share your views on the Codes.

All the views and feedback we gather will inform the draft revised Codes, which we plan to formally consult on in early 2023.

Our values

In everything we do, we believe the people of Scotland have the right to be safe when accessing social care services.

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Our organisational characteristics

Our organisational characteristics describe how we will work to deliver our outcomes in this Strategic Plan.

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Annual Report and Accounts

See our Annual Reports and Accounts.

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