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20 years of the Scottish Social Services Council

Name: Jozi Stables

Organisation: Morar Living

Job title: Care Home Manager

Register part: Managers for care homes for older adults

Length of time on Register: 6 years as manager

What does being registered mean to you?

Being registered to me means having a constant support network within my role, being a care home manager can sometimes feel like quite an isolated role but having the resources, contact and support from the SSSC gives reassurance and guidance at times when you need it most.

How does it help you?

Being registered as a care home manager helps me, help others. It allows me to support and guide staff to deliver exceptional care, to develop in their career and learn new skills. It allows me to be a supportive and creative manager.

What difference does it make for the people who use your services that you are now part of a registered profession?

It has created a more professional approach to the role, it has brought awareness to many what the role of a health and social care worker entails. It has also brought endless learning opportunities.

How have things changed for your profession over the last 20 years?

I feel there is more awareness of what working in care entails, there is an understanding of the type of qualities required and the rewards it can bring.

Are there any significant moments you remember?

When I got my first management post at the age of 26. I left school with minimum qualifications and went to work in a care home straight away. All my skills, qualifications, and knowledge I have gained has been ‘on the job’ and I am so grateful for the experiences and opportunities I have been presented with. To be able to share my story with others and highlight the opportunities and the ability to achieve great things in the sector.

What do you think is important for the next 20 years for this workforce?

We need to continue to stick together and support each other in the health and social care sector. There needs to more awareness around the jobs we do and a wider support for our people. For our colleagues to remember why they got into this sector and not to give up. Keep doing the great job we are and caring for our residents.

Jozi is the Home Manager at Harbour House, a nursing home in Musselburgh run by Morar Living. She recently launched their own Who, What and My Why campaign to share real life positive experiences of her team and others working in front line care roles.

Who: My name is Jozi Stables I am 31 years old, I was born in Aberdeen and brought up in a small town called Keith. I moved to Edinburgh in 2015 where I now live with my partner Kyle who owns a wine cafe. When I am not working, I enjoy dining out, visiting the wine cafe, shopping, particularly a visit to Harvey Nichols, visiting my family and friends in Keith and relaxing at our lovely home.

What: My role as your care home manager means whether you are a family member, staff member, resident or visiting professional I am here to provide you with support, answer any questions, be a point of contact and comfort during your experience within Harbour House. It is also my job to ensure you are safe and free from risk within the home, therefore I lead and oversee the compliance and quality assurance, this means completing audits and measuring our home against the regulatory standard. Another part of my job is to ensure our staff team have the right skills and knowledge to care for our residents, this means supporting staff to develop in their role, using their expertise and areas in interest to develop our care provision and experience.

My Why: I have worked in the care sector for 16 years now and I have never imagined myself working in any other sector. To know each day you have been able to provide comfort and security to a vulnerable person is one of the most rewarding feelings I can ever imagine. Working in the industry has helped me to grow and develop as a person, to work alongside so many people who have taught me life skills from colleagues to residents makes me feel very lucky. I have been very fortunate to have worked for providers who have supported and encouraged me to develop in my career, and as a manager I am able to give back and do the same for our team within Harbour House. I have a passion for supporting people’s wellbeing and to be in a position to support and guide positive outcomes for this is why I choose this career.

"We need to continue to stick together and support each other in the health and social care sector."

Jozi Stables