Support workers in care at home and housing support services need to apply for registration with us by 13 December 2019 to guarantee their application is processed before the mandatory date for registration.

We guarantee anyone applying on or before this date that we will process their application by the mandatory registration date of 30 September 2020. 

The 13 December 2019 deadline does not apply to new workers in your service, they must still apply for registration as soon as practicable after starting their role to make sure they are registered within their first six months.

Number of workers

Support workers in care at home and housing support services is the largest group of workers we will have on our Register with an estimated 62,500 eligible for registration. Since the Register opened in October 2017 the number of registrations from workers in this category has been extremely good with over 30,000 already registered.

With such a large group of workers to register we usually set a deadline for receipt of applications a year in advance of the mandatory date for registration with agreement from Scottish Government. To help workers and employers we’ve made the deadline for receipt of applications less than a year before the mandatory deadline.


We’ll issue more information about the 13 December 2019 deadline for receipt of applications over the next few months to make sure employers and workers know about it and apply to register in time. We’ll also issue guidance and regular bulletins to keep you up to date. 

Please make sure your staff who need to be registered by 30 September 2020 know the deadline for applications is Friday 13 December 2019.