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New post qualifying learning in social work research published

We have published new research on post qualifying learning in social work. The research is part of our work to support Recommendation seven of the 
National Health and Social Care Workforce Plan: a framework for improving workforce planning in social care

This recommendation asks us to develop training and education proposals that will better enable a flexible, confident and competent workforce with relevant and appropriate qualifications and develop a professional framework for practice in social care and social work, including in advanced practice.

In 2018, we commissioned research to gain an evidence informed picture of current social work post qualifying learning and development.

At the moment there is no overarching structure for continuing professional development in social work, although there are accredited and non-accredited courses and a range of learning opportunities available.

Our research aimed to:

•    develop a robust understanding of the extent and features of post qualifying learning undertaken by social workers from employer and practitioner perspectives
•    identify changes and developments in post qualifying learning that may be required to meet current and future employee needs
•    seek employer and practitioner views about the value and nature of Scotland’s proposed post qualifying framework for social workers.

What’s next?

The research recommends several actions designed to generate positive change in social work post qualifying learning in Scotland.

The Social Work Framework for Practice Working Group will consider the actions as they develop the proposals for the framework. 

We encourage you to talk about and debate the research and recommendations.

Read Post Qualifying Learning in Social Work in Scotland – A Research Study here.