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We told you that we are reviewing our post registration training and learning (PRTL) process and we’d like to give you an update of the progress so far and what’s happening next.

Five different organisations continue to try out different methods of recording and reflecting on their learning. This has given registrants the confidence to test out new ways of doing things and to reflect on what has gone well and what has not.

We have provided a range of support and communications focusing on helping registrants to show how their learning is making a positive difference to the way they work and to the people they support and care for.

Here is what SSSC Learning and Development Advisers (PRTL Review Project Team) and some of the registrants/participants had to say. 

An Update from Kath McCabe, Ali Guthrie and Brian Smith, PRTL Review Project Team 

As well as working in partnership with five different organisations over recent months we’ve engaged with as many registrants and providers as we can at conferences, seminars, care services, continuous learning events and through specific projects.

We’re finding out what registrants already know about:

  • their registration requirements
  • post registration training and learning
  • what is meant by continuous learning
  • what can be included in their continuous learning (currently known as PRTL)
  • trying out different approaches and methods of recording and reflecting on learning
  • what have been the barriers and worries about completing PRTL submissions
  • what information and support would be helpful for the future.

It has been an interesting journey seeing the demands placed on registrants in the workplace and how learning new skills and knowledge can be a challenge, most importantly finding the time to focus on their learning. We know that continuous learning is important because it ensures you continue to be competent in your profession and job role whether you are a support worker, practitioner, supervisor, manager or an inspector. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout your career.

We have been encouraged by registrants willingness to try something new and for us to hear what might work in a particular care setting. Registrants have been innovative, creative and curious to see what works.

A few things have stood out for us.

  • Registrants understanding of what counts towards continuous learning, that there is so much more to learning than attending a training course.
  • Managers and supervisors identifying that the ‘learning culture’ and how learning is shared has not been working and is something they need to address, review and start to role model.
  • Having more flexibility in how learning is recorded and the opportunity to use their own systems.
  • How keen providers, managers and staff have been to take ownership for where their learning records are kept.
  • How much registrants have welcomed and appreciated having a contact person in the SSSC.

An update from The Muirfield Place Project Staff, Respite for Children, Mungo Foundation.


What will stay the same.

  • The number of hours of learning you will be required to do.
  • That your learning is varied and relevant to your post.
  • The SSSC will continue to monitor the process.

What will be different.

  • You can record your learning in a variety of different formats.
  • You will discuss your learning with your supervisor/manager.
  • At the end of your registration period, you will be asked to submit a signed verification form to the SSSC rather than the whole learning record.

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks/months

  • There will be an external evaluation of the different approaches and methods of recording and reflecting on learning in the testing organisations which we will share with the sector.
  • We are consulting on the review of PRTL from 27 May to 21 July 2019.
  • We will produce a booklet of the registrants/participants’ learning journey.
  • We will produce a video of participants’ PRTL learning journey.
  • Focus groups will share the findings.
  • Look out for further updates over the coming months.