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The SSSC and the Care Inspectorate have published raising concerns in the workplace guidance for employers, social service workers and social work students.

How easy and safe is it for your staff to raise any concerns they may have about how people who use services are treated in your organisation?

The first section of this new raising a concern guidance is for your employees to help them understand their duty and responsibility to take action if they see something that causes them concern. Part 2 of guidance is to help employers understand their role and responsibilities.

You have a duty to provide a workplace where staff feel they can speak openly about their concerns and be sure that what they say will be treated with sensitivity and in confidence.

Employers must treat all concerns with equal importance however staff raise them. You must have appropriate policies and procedures in place to investigate concerns and to protect those who raise a concern from unfair treatment or victimisation.

You also have a responsibility under the SSSC Codes of Practice as an employer and sometimes as a registered worker to support your staff to whistleblow when they feel that working practises are inappropriate or unsafe for any reason.

Read the Raising concerns in the workplace guidance here.