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Our 23 Digital Capabilities learning resource has been incredibly popular since it was launched.

It’s designed to help social service workers build and develop their skills in using digital technology in their work and private lives.

Part of this is helping people to work and live securely online. Thing 4 Digital footprint, Thing 6 Digital Security and Thing 8 Facebook all have information that will help you use digital technology and services more securely. Even if you think you know about these topics we’d encourage you to have a look at these Things, you might be surprised by what you don’t know.

If you like 23 Digital Capabilities and would like to create your own online learning resource based on the 23 Things model, you may be interested in our upcoming Build your own 23Things toolkit. It will provide step-by-step guide to setting up, populating and maintaining an online learning resource based on the popular 23 Things.

Look out for it here.