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Friday 15 February marks the fourth annual Care Day.

Care Day celebrates, champions and connects the care experienced community with each other and those who care about them.

Care Day 2019 aims to:

  • celebrate: shift public attitudes on care experienced people’s lives
  • connect: encourage the local, national and global care experienced community to engage with evidence from Who Cares? Scotland’s experience of working independently with care experienced people
  • champion: connect with the care experienced community with their allies and corporate parents to talk about how we can make sure care experienced people get the love, rights and relationships they deserve
  • communicate: motivate the care experienced community, their allies and corporate parents to share their celebrations, show their commitments and ignite discussion.

The SSSC was one of the first organisations to become a corporate parent in 2015.

SSSC Chief Executive, Lorraine Gray said: ‘As a proud ‘corporate’ parent we want to make sure our work in regulating and developing the social service workforce supports care experienced children and young people to thrive and reach their full potential. That is why we make sure people working with care experienced children and young people are qualified and trained to do their job well, to set standards that people must work to in the Code of Practice and to allow people to raise concerns with us and to take action.’

On behalf of the SSSC, our Director of Development and Innovation, Phillip Gillespie recently took the pledge to continue to work with contribute and inform the Independent Care Review on workforce challenges.

SSSC Head of Development and Innovation and a member of the Independent Care Review Workforce Group, Laura Lamb said: ‘This is a huge workforce who have an enormous impact on the lives of children and young people in their care. A significant number of our registered workers are part of this workforce. 28% of the social service workforce deliver children’s services.

‘The workforce group is in the early stages and we are deciding which areas of challenge to focus on. The 1,000 voices report from the Discovery stage of the review provided a summary of key findings and themes. Love, rights and stigma are the thread that runs through all the evidence gathered to date.’

Visit the Independent Care Review website to find out more.