To help you with your career in social services, we have a number of useful resources:

A career in social services and will give you information on starting a career in social work, social care and early years.  You’ll also find information about how you can gain experience in the sector through volunteering.

A list of Scottish university courses that offer the degree in social work, their entry requirements and contact details.

A list of Scottish colleges that offer social care and early years courses and their contact details.

Social services workforce in Scotland has information for careers advisers, guidance staff, Jobcentre Plus, schools, colleges, training centres and employers delivering social services.

A question of care: a career for you? is an interactive video challenge to let you see what a career in care is like.  At the end you’ll receive a detailed personal profile that tells you if you’ve got what it takes.

You can also hear from people working in social care and social work.

Got a question? Read our frequently asked questions about working in social services.