Care in Scotland - it's life changing work

With one in every 13 people working in social services in Scotland and most of us using services at some point in our lives, how much do we all know about the kind of work they do and the services that are available for people to use? With lots of us using social services at some point in our lives, it’s good to know more about the professional roles people have so that when we come across them, we’ll know more about what they do for us.

Working in social services is not always about the difficult stuff. There are plenty of good things happening. Amazing things that make a real difference to real people. We need to hear those stories.

To help you find out more, we’ve gathered stories from people working in social services to share with you. They tell you what it’s like working in social care and why they find it a rewarding career. These stories are on our website and available for you to share. They are useful for you to use if:

  • you want to know more about careers in social services
  • you work in social services to help raise awareness of the work you do
  • are a social service provider
  • want to promote careers in social services.

You’ll find links to the stories in the box below and if you are social service provider or work in social services and would like to get involved, please get in touch with us at to find out how at

The different roles

You’ve heard people talk about careers in social work, working in care homes, early years, community work and so on. But what do you really know about the kind of work do social workers do? Or what working in a care home or going into someone’s home every day to support them is really like and why people do it? For most people working in social services is not just a job.

Find out more about the different types of roles people have working in social services by catching up with their stories.

Working with adults

Working with children

Studying and working as a social worker


Get involved

We are looking for organisations and people – social workers, care practitioners, early years practitioners and those that they work with – to take part in this project.

Download and use our handy toolkit to help you gain an understanding of our project.  It will tell you about the background of the project and link to the resources available for you to use and share.

Tell your story by answering a few questions on our form to tell us about yourself and the work you do. 

You can also download our poster for sharing what you think the best thing about working in social services is. Simply fill in the poster, take your photo holding it and post it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #lifechangingwork.

We also have lots of information on careers in care here including: