Health and social care integration

We are working in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland (NES) to deliver the Workforce for Integration Project. This project supports integrated health and social care authorities achieve the Scottish Government’s National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes, in particular outcome eight:

‘People who work in health and social care services feel engaged with the work they do and are supported to continuously improve the information, support, care and treatment they provide.’

Our work sits across four themes.

  1. Engaging with and promoting the value of support workers across health, social care, third and independent sectors.
  2. Workforce involvement in service improvement using an appreciative inquiry approach with integrated authorities.
  3. Promoting a more consistent understanding and delivery of personal outcomes approaches across all sectors.
  4. Building authentic and collaborative leadership behaviours to support health and social care integration.

SSSC and NES are committed to building on what is already working well locally and creates opportunities for workers to further develop skills, knowledge and values (behaviours) focused on what matters to individuals, their carers and families.

What is integration?

The integration of health and social care is the Scottish Government’s programme to improve care and support for people who use health and social care services. It will make sure they are listened to, involved and take part in decisions about their care and how it is delivered. Integration is about making sure health and social care workers are equipped to improve outcomes and the lives of people using services.

The nine National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes provide a framework for measuring the impact of integrated health and social care on the health and wellbeing of individuals. All health boards, local authorities and integrated authorities are jointly responsible and accountable for the delivery of these outcomes.

Find out more or get involved

If you would like to hear more about the work join the SDS and integration conversation on Yammer

You can also find more information on our Carers and Self-directed support pages. 

Useful tools and resources

The Strategic Commissioning Resource is for professionals working in the NHS, local authority, independent or third sector who want to learn about strategic commissioning.

The Personal Outcomes Collaboration website has a range of resources to support the development and implementation of a personal outcomes approach in health and social care.

The Health and Social Care Integration Communications Toolkit has practical resources and information to help local areas explain the purpose, outcomes and principles of integration.