Hints and tips

Creating a MySSSC Account

To apply for registration online you will first need to create your MySSSC account, to do this make sure you:

  • use an email address that is only used by you (not a shared one at work)
  • enter your National Insurance number correctly, with no gaps
  • choose a memorable password
  • choose security questions that you will remember the answers to
  • validate your MySSSC account by going into your email account and clicking on the link in the activation email.

Completing an application

This list of hints and tips helps you through the process to make sure your application is approved as quickly as possible:

  • select ‘social service workers’ if you are not a social worker or a social work student. You will then be able to choose the exact part of this Register you want to apply for eg practitioner in day care of children services
  • check all the sections of your application have been completed, as shown by a green tick – you must complete all sections with a yellow hazard triangle before you can submit your application
  • make sure you tick the correct type of qualifications that you hold – UK or non UK
  • look out for emails to tell you your application has been electronically endorsed. If your employer has not done this during the time given, you will have to send it to be endorsed again
  • remember that once your application is endorsed electronically, you have to go back to your application and make or confirm your payment and then submit the application to us
  • confirm on your application how your fee has been paid if you intend to pay by a method other than online through World Pay
  • remember to make your payment if you have said that you are going to pay by another method, not online. Once an application is submitted we can only hold it for 14 days whilst we wait for a payment
  • remember to submit your application to the SSSC once payment has been made or confirmed and check that you see a message to say that your application has been submitted before leaving your form.
  • remember to upload copies of your qualification certificate or any other supporting information with your application. If you are sending these documents by post, they must be verified by the countersignatory who endorsed your application. If you do not send us your qualification certificate, even if you have told us you hold a qualification we will register you subject to a condition until we receive a copy of your certificate
  • print out the whole application and not just the cover sheet for your supporting documents so that the person endorsing can complete their part. You can make this easier by having your employer endorse your application online via MySSSC.