When do I pay my fee

Once you are registered, you pay an annual fee to retain your name on the Register. We will contact you before your fee is due to remind you. You will then be able to use MySSSC to pay your annual fee.

Your registration period lasts for a fixed period from your date of registration.  Before your registration period expires, you will be invited to renew your registration.  If you don’t pay your renewal fee and complete and return your renewal form your registration will be removed. You would then have to re-apply for registration.

Social work students are not required to renew their registration and do not have to pay a renewal fee, but they are required to pay an annual fee for the duration of time in which they are registered.

If you have any queries about registration fees please contact us on 0345 60 30 891.

If your fee is due and you need to pay your fee, please log in to MySSSC.