Supporting your employees' development

Workers who are registered with us (registrants) are personally responsible for ensuring that they meet post registration training and learning (PRTL) requirements. However, employers are expected under the SSSC Code of Practice for Employers of Social Service Workers to help registered workers to continue their professional development.

The PRTL requirements are included in the SSSC's (Registration) Rules. These state the training and learning requirements that all registered social workers and social service workers must meet to ensure their continued suitability for registration.

It is important that you use supervision and/or staff development schemes to discuss and plan with your employees how they meet the SSSC’s PRTL requirements.

We expect that in sessions with your employees, they will select training and learning activities on the basis of:

  • the nature of their current employment and their plans for career progression
  • their preferred learning style and any requirements they might have
  • the opportunities available to them.

For example your employee might want to arrange opportunities to:

  • shadow the work of a colleague in a related team or profession
  • sign up to a training course
  • undertake a piece of research related to your practice.
  • negotiate protected time to read or use the internet to research:
    • latest policy and good practice developments in your field of practice
    • related service delivery arrangements and trends in other countries

Employers' responsibilities

It is expected that the activity undertaken to meet these requirements will form part of a registered worker's wider professional development.

As part of the drive to raise to standards of practice and increase the protection of the public, employers of social service workers have a duty to let the SSSC know if they dismiss a social service worker on the grounds of misconduct, or if a social service worker has resigned or left their job and the circumstances are such that the worker would otherwise have been dismissed for conduct, or dismissal for misconduc would have been considered.

This responsibility is set out under the legislation for regulation of social service workers in Scotland. For more information, please click here.