MySSSC for employers

MySSSC is a useful tool for employers to:

  • endorse employees’ online applications
  • endorse employees’ renewals (newly qualified social workers)
  • view which employees are also countersignatories
  • view details of employees registered with or in process of registering with the SSSC
  • alert the manager when employees’ fees or renewals are overdue
  • know if an employee’s registration has been removed
  • let us know about changes to an employee or countersignatory’s details.

Create an online account on MySSSC in a few easy steps. You’ll need your countersignatory PIN number and an email address to create your account. We would have given you your PIN number when we first told you (by letter or email) that your countersignatory role had been created.

Workers new into a role recognised for registration must be registered within six months of their start date. 

Employers have a legal responsibility to make sure that all of their staff are appropriately registered. Employers would be committing an offence if they continue to employ an unregistered worker for more than six months after their start date in a role recognised for registration. MySSSC will help you manage and track your workers registration.

Guidance form for staff applying for registration

Employers can make sure workers have the right information ready when they are applying for registration by asking workers to complete our handy form before applying. To make sure your staff have the right information, you could always fill in part of the form, such as part of the Register to apply for, Care Inspectorate care service number and countersignatory details. 

Frequently Asked Questions about SSSC Registration