The Register opens for support workers in care at home and housing support services on 2 October 2017.

With around 45,000 workers expected to register, it’s the biggest ever group of workers to register with us and we want to help employers and managers plan to get their workers ready for registration.

Not sure which workers have to register?

Here’s a link to a definition of a worker in a care at home service and a definition of a worker in a housing support service.

When do staff have to register by?

We are encouraging staff to apply for registration as early as possible to avoid a last minute rush.

Any new member of staff, for example, someone who has never worked in the sector before, and is not registered with another regulatory body, must achieve registration within six months of starting employment. This will apply to any new member of staff, in care at home services and housing support services, who starts employment after 2 October 2017.

You must make sure that your employees are registered where required otherwise you may be committing an offence.

Workers can find out about applying here

Tools and information to help you

This is our series of monthly newsletters to help you get ready for and manage the registration of your support workers when the new parts of our Register for workers in care at home and housing support services open on Monday 2 October 2017.

Read Issue 1: Tools to help you get started.

Read Issue 2: Focus on qualifications.

Read Issue 3: Fitness to practise.

Read Issue 4: Countdown to 2 October 2017.

Read Issue 5: Download our new registration app.

Read Issue 6: The dos and don'ts of registration.

This is a PowerPoint presentation about the SSSC that you can use at staff meetings or inductions to explain who the SSSC is and about registration.

This spreadsheet helps you to see when the best time for your staff to register is. It looks at when employees started work, if they need a qualification, if they have a criminal conviction etc.

The registration leaflet gives you information about supporting your employees to get registered.

You can use MySSSC for employers to check if your employees have applied to register, are due to pay a fee etc.

There are various funding options available to help workers in care at home and housing support complete a qualification for registration.

Read the article on SSSCnews.

Tools and information for your employees

Workers can make sure they have the right information ready when they are applying for registration by completing our handy form. Workers can apply to register from 2 October 2017. To make sure your staff have the right information you could always fill in part of the form, such as part of the Register to apply for, Care Inspectorate care service number and countersignatory details. 

Read and share our case studies with your employees to dispel any worries they may have about starting their qualification.

Materials to support you and your staff with registration

Use our information materials to help raise awareness among your staff that they can register from 2 October 2017. Download the material or order more copies using the form below.

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