Becoming a countersignatory

We have main points of contacts within social service organisations. These contacts are senior representatives from the organisations who we can contact for all matters about registration.

We call these individuals lead countersignatories. The lead countersignatory can then apply to set up further additional countersignatories in their organisation.

Lead countersignatories and additional countersignatories can endorse applications for registration. We would recommend that social service organisations apply to set up a lead countersignatory prior to their staff applying for registration.

Once you are a countersignatory you can apply for access to the MySSSC for employers, which provides benefits such as being able to track the progress of applicants and registrants within their organisation.

Read the guidance for more details on the role of countersignatories and complete the necessary forms to apply to set up countersignatories.

Countersignatory guidance

Additional countersignatory form

Lead countersignatory form

Employers access to MySSSC form