What if I don't register?

Social workers, social work students and many groups of social service workers are required by law to register with the SSSC if they are not registered with another regulatory body.

If you are new to your role or have recently changed jobs, you only have six months to register from your start date.

Sometimes new roles are added to the Register. If this is the case and it affects you, don’t worry! Your employer should make you aware of this in plenty of time and let you know by what date you have to be registered. You can find out more about roles being added to the Register

If you are not registered within the given timeframe, your employer may be committing an offence if they employ you in this role. Not only may you lose pay while you are not able to work, you may be subject to further action by your employer. Your employer also has the right to refer you to our Fitness to Practise Department. If you are a social work student, you will not be able to continue on your course if you are not registered.

New guidance for Care Inspectorate inspectors and social service providers on compulsory registration

When registration is compulsory for a group of social service workers, the Care Inspectorate inspectors will check during their inspections to make sure that employers are following the legislation which makes it an offence to employ someone in a post who isn’t registered to carry out that role.  The Scottish Social Services Council and the Care Inspectorate have published guidance for inspectors who are considering if an offence may have been committed.

At the same time the SSSC is writing to a group of applicants (and their employers) who are due to be registered by the end of September 2015 but may not be as their case is currently being considered by Fitness to Practise.  This is one of the types of situation where inspectors would be unlikely to consider the employer is committing an offence.  The SSSC is setting up a specific email address for this particular group and is also enclosing a copy of the guidance for their information.  The guidance can be read here.