The SSSC Register opened for support workers in care at home and housing support services on 2 October 2017. If you work in a service registered with the Care Inspectorate as a housing support service or a care at home service or both and you provide care and/or support you need to register. Speak to your employer if you aren’t sure if you should register.

Applying to register

You can apply to register through our online system called MySSSC. You’ll need some information about yourself (National Insurance number, care service number for your employer/service you work in etc) before you start. Read our Guide to Getting Started for more information. You can use our Step by Step Guide to help you through the process of applying on MySSSC.

What about qualifications?

You’ll need a qualification for registration but don’t worry if you don’t have this already as you will have time to get a qualification, this is usually five years. Check what qualification you need on our qualification tool. Make sure you discuss this with your employer. 

Is there a cost to register? 

Yes. Support workers in care at home services and housing support services pay £25 every year. Find out more about fees and how to pay

When do I need to register by? 

If you have the qualification you need for registration, please apply to register now. If you need to get a qualification, you might want to check with your employer when you should register. 

If you start a new job after the 2 October 2017, you must be registered within six months of starting in your new role. 

What does registration mean for you? 

Watch our short video to find out about registration.

You can also find out more about registration, the benefits and information about applying on our website. 

Information materials to help you 

Guide to Getting Started
Step by step guide to applying - workers in care at home and housing support
What does it mean to be fit to practise leaflet