Am I eligible?

Social workers

Social workers can only register if they hold a suitable social work qualification, but do not need to be in employment to be eligible to register.

Social work students

Social work students must be on or about to start an undergraduate or postgraduate social work degree at a Scottish university or the Open University Scotland.

You cannot be registered as a social work student and a social worker at the same time. If you wish to register as a social worker after completing a post graduate diploma you will be removed from the student register. If you are proceeding to study towards the MSc while working as a social worker, your registration as a social worker will also cover your registration requirements as a social work student.

Social service workers

The rest of the SSSC Register is function based, rather than qualification based. This means that someone applying for registration must be in a relevant job in a service registered by the Care Inspectorate rather than hold a specific qualification. This means you need to be in employment in a relevant service to be able to apply to be on the SSSC Register of social service workers.

If you are eligible to apply to register with the SSSC as a social service worker and you do not currently hold all the required qualifications you can still be granted registration subject to the condition that you achieve the required qualifications within your first period of registration.

Other regulatory bodies

If you are registered with one of the regulatory bodies below, you are not required to register with the SSSC. Your current registration covers you for any social service position where the SSSC registration is otherwise required. It does not cover you to work as a social worker or to be a social work student. Social workers can be registered with more than one regulatory body.