What happens if a countersignatory is under investigation?

While you are the subject of an investigation, you will not be able to carry out your role as a countersignatory and you should not endorse any registration applications or renewals.

We will remove your name from the option available in mySSSC.

You should ensure that there is an alternative countersignatory, additional countersignatory, or other appropriate person in your organisation set up as soon as possible. This is important so that we can verify any applications for registration or renewal and, where necessary, any supporting documents we require. 

The new lead or additional countersignatory will be our main point of contact in relation to any investigations and you should be aware that this also applies to your investigation. 

You may be able to re-apply for the lead countersignatory role at the conclusion of our investigation.

If any workers have submitted applications which you have endorsed, we may return those applications and request that a different person endorses the application. We will not tell the worker the reason for the returned application.

Find more information on our countersignatories page.