Change to the way the SSSC regulates

On 1 November 2016 we changed the way we regulate social service workers from a conduct model of regulation to a fitness to practise approach.

The aims of the change are to:

  • deliver safer and more proportionate regulation
  • encourage workers to take responsibility for their own fitness to practise
  • operate a more efficient process.

We consulted on the change during 2015 and 2016. Find out more about the consultations and feedback.

Fitness to practise model

The new model means there will be changes to:

  • what applicants must declare to us when they apply for registration
  • what employers endorse on the application form
  • when employers need to make a referral to us about a social service worker.

New rules, guidance, referral form and Thresholds Policy

The rules, guidance referral forms and Threshold Policy are now in use.

Revised Codes of Practice

The revised Codes of Practice came into effect on 1 November.