Here Higher Education Institutions can read about what concerns about students they should refer to us and when.

As part of our role as regulator, we have statutory duties to protect the public and uphold public confidence in the social service profession.  We need to carry out independent investigations into any concerns raised with us to find out whether the information affects a student’s fitness to practise. 

Find out more about fitness to practise on our what is fitness to practise page.

You must:

  • inform us of any matter that may call into question a student's suitability for registration
  • inform the student that a report has been made to us
  • cooperate with our investigations and hearings
  • respond appropriately to our findings and decisions and cooperate with any action taken by us.

This complies with course approval requirements in the Rules for Social Work Training 2003. 

If you have concerns that a student’s fitness to practise may be impaired, you should refer them to us.

You should do this even if the student is no longer enrolled on the course as they may enrol at another HEI or apply to work in a social care setting. 

See our flowchart showing when to make a referral.

To make a referral please see the Higher Education Institutions Referral Guidance and download the Higher Education Institutions Referral Form.