Public information on our Register, hearings and decisions pages

Information included on the SSSC Register, hearings and decisions pages

The SSSC Register is available on our website and shows the following information for all workers registered with us:

  • name
  • register number
  • town of employment
  • part of the Register (for example, support worker in a day care of children service, social worker etc)
  • registration status (this shows if a worker's registration has been removed, is currently suspended, or if a Temporary Order has been imposed, and therefore cannot be employed in that role. It does not show if a warning or condition has been imposed. You should check the decisions page to see current information about this).

If you are a social service employer considering employing a worker and need further information regarding a worker registered with the SSSC please contact us.

Hearings and decisions

The fitness to practise hearings and decisions sections of the website contains information about Fitness to Practise Panel hearings taking place in the next seven days. It also includes information about decisions from both Fitness to Practise Panel hearings and decisions made by SSSC officers.

Find out about attending a hearing.

Information we publish on our website

You can find out more about what we publish and why in our Public Information policy. The policy gives details of what information we include, what we will remove if necessary and how long information is available on the website. We make this information publicly available to meet our responsibilities as set out in the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 in relation to protecting the public and maintaining and upholding standards in the profession.

Changes to our Public Information Policy

The Public Information Policy sets out how we communicate information about our fitness to practise cases including what we publish before a hearing. We hold our hearings in public, and are required to provide enough advance information so that the public can make an informed decision about whether to attend. Balanced alongside this is our responsibility to comply with data protection legislation and only publish the information necessary to meet our responsibilities.

For this reason and to adopt a similar approach to other regulators we will reduce the amount of information and detail we publish before a hearing.

All Notices published on or after 1 May 2018 will be summarised including postponed or adjourned hearings. We will provide the worker’s name and employer (redacted where required) and summarise the allegations made. When a hearing concludes full details of the outcome and decision are published (redacted where required).